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My Parrots Pictures Below

The Yellow Naped Amazon Aly

The Indian Ringneck Chiquita

Chiquita! Chiquita! Chiquita! What can I say. She is bold, bossy and demanding. Chiquita is always on the go, she has quite the vocabulary.

She loves to sit at the computer with me and hang off my head and help me type. She is not a fussy eater and will eat anything you put in front of her.

Chiquita is very loud, my neighbour Edie can hear her. Chiquita even mumbles in her sleep so I have ear plugs, no matter what hour or time of day she is chattering.

Chiquita is always happy, I have yet to see her in a bad mood. She's always is bright and cheery, she makes the mornings brighter.

The Green Cheek Conure Boomer

Boomer was abused and neglected, starved, dehydrated and left for dead. He was so frail and tiny. Boomer, with love and care, fought through this and won. Now he is a healthy weight, eats, plays, bosses me around and is happy.

Boomer is a frisky little guy with attitude. If he doesn't want to do something you ask he fluffs up his feathers and has a tantrum.

Boomer LOVES raisins, he will do anything for a raisin. If he sees them he hops around his cage and goes crazy.
Boomer is a fighter and a survivor!

Me & Aly